Penelope // New Life

Updated: Jan 25

Penelope deserved her own post. She came into the world earlier than expected. She gave everyone a bit of a scare. But she's a tough girl, as one would be with parents like her's. She is Jenny + Derek's first, and the first grandchild on this family farm.

I've known Derek since he was 11 years old. His sister was one of my best friends growing up - and her little brother was trouble... Common acts of rebellion included pyrotechnics, farm booby traps, and (my personal favorite) a portable electric fence reinvented sister-zapping device.

Life is so strange, in the best of ways... The way it circles back on itself reminds me to have faith. Getting to come back to the farm where I spent so much of my youth, to photograph this new life - it was a joyful reminder of everyday magic.

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