I'm Emma, lady behind the lens
I appreciate passionate humans
witty puns
good coffee

Also dog kisses
downward dogs
open spaces
a good road trip

But most importantly, I seeing the magic in the present

To me, photography is a medium that requires time, humility, thought, and trust. It is an art that lasts beyond yesterday, today and tomorrow. It captures moments of transition and development; and encourages light and vulnerability. It finds the light even where darkness may dwell. It shows order to chaos. And it celebrates courage, confidence and natural beauty.

I have seen how the heart of trail less traveled—my business + my passion—is lived out in the people I have the pleasure of meeting and photographing. I want to document people who are question, grow toward the light, march to the beat of their own drum, and remain humble throughout the process. People who are real, honest, and not afraid to admit that they haven’t “arrived,” but are still very much in the beginning stages of growing together and figuring out life.

All that to say the heart behind my images are found where growth and humility meet and form something beautifully authentic. My desire is to capture that and make it last.